Genuine Citron Sea Glass Pendant Wrapped in Sterling Silver Wire

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Sea Glass, is nature’s way of taking a man-made item (trash) and turning it into
something beautiful and special. In a strange way, collecting sea glass is a way of preserving the past and keeping history alive. I am an avid collector of sea glass and when I look through my collection, I think about the history of each piece. Who made it, who used it, how it broke, how it made its way into the sea, and how many decades did it tumble around in the ocean while nature turns our trash into beautiful treasures. I especially like to think about the pieces of china that get washed up and who’s table it might have been on. When looking at these special pieces, one can only imagine the history of its journey. Each piece of sea glass that I work with comes from my personal collection. I sometimes find it hard to part with as I have a fond memory of the hunt, associated with it. At the same time, it seems a shame not to share the history and beauty with the world. There’s a tiny little backache in each piece, but the end result is getting to share these beautiful, historical, treasures with people like you.

This pendant comes with a free black cord necklace.

Citron Sea Glass. Information Facts from:
Pure Sea Glass Identification Card Deck. Author: Richard LaMotte. By Sea Glass Publishing, L.L.C.

Often used for food containers, including bottles for olive oil and other cooking oils, citron-colored glass was also used for some early fruit jars. Several wineries still sell their products in citron bottles. In most cases the true yellow-green color of citron is a find. Note that citron has a deeper green tone than the brighter, more common lime green.

Citron Sea Glass: Is Rare
Its Finding Ratio is 1 in 250
Peak Production Periods: 1870s to 1920s
Sources: Bottles 99%, Decorative Tableware<1%