Double Layer Washable Cotton Face Mask

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I have spent the last three months quietly sewing masks and sending them out into the world. After the first three weeks of trial and error, I have come up with my own design that checks all the boxes on my list, for a comfortable and functional mask…

At the top of the mask is a sewn in nose wire pocket. The pocket is sewn in so that the wire is and can be removable/replaceable, in case it were to ever break. The nose wires help to keep glasses from fogging. They also help with fitting the mask firmly to your face. I include 2 nose wires with each mask, (one as a backup). I recommend taking them out before washing the mask. I also recommend leaving the paper backing on the wires and just sliding them into the sewn in pocket at the top of the mask. There is a little piece of paper at the nose wire opening, for ease of finding it…

By fanning the pleats open, you create a space in front of your mouth, making breathing and talking much easier…

The elastic is replaceable and adjustable, as it is not sewn into place. The masks are made so that you can choose whether you like ear loops, or behind the head straps. (Note: My masks do not have tie straps, they are elastic.) 

 If there are ever any issues or you wear out the elastic on  your mask, just clip the elastic and run a new piece through the sleeves on the sides of the mask with a large safety pin, tie a new knot and slide knot back into the sleeve.

At the bottom of the mask is an opening that you can put a filter in, (coffee filter, tissue, etc.). Put the tissue inside the opening and work it into place before use, then remove and throw it away after every use. (Note: This is not necessary, and the mask is fully functional without this step. This is just an added benefit to be used at your discretion.)

I currently have over 40 patterns/prints to choose from. I only have adult sizes right now, and am working on mastering the children’s sizes soon.

These handmade, double layered, washable, cotton masks are $10.00 a piece, + $3.00 shipping. (That doesn’t quite cover shipping, but close enough. Also multiple masks can be shipped with the same $3.00 shipping charge, if they are going to the same place.) Free local delivery or pick up arrangements can be made. 

Let’s all do our part to help stop the spread of this nasty virus, so that we can all get back to doing the things we love with the people we care about. I hope these words find you well. Thank you in advance for your support. Stay healthy and happy.

Sincerely, Loree Kappes with LMCK Designs.